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What we give to others we get it back in manifolds ( law of action and reaction )

Whatever we share on social media is read by minimum 100 people directly or indirectly. As per nature message ( positive or negative ) those people send us energy.

Positive n inspiring message : positive energy

Negative message : Negative energy

If we put messages like : feeling cheated , frustrated , annoyed etc etc then more such energy you will attract from readers and universe at large. Our situation will be more worse than before.

If you put positive and inspiring messages then you will attract more positivity and that one positive thought may change someone’s life forever.

Social media can be great tool to attract either blessings or curses ( directly or indirectly ).

I am putting this message because I notice lots of people express negativity through social media.

If you want help for negative situations then take it through proper channels like certified counselors, trainers or well wishers. Expressing negativity will attract more of it.

Spread this message , you may change someone’s life.

Have a stunning lifeā€¦

God bless all.


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